Social activities                     

Opening cocktail
Sunday, April 7th
From 7pm to 9pm.
Exhibition area - Hilton Hotel

Closing Dinner
Tuesday, April 9th
From 8pm to 11pm
Place to be confirmed.




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Host Association

The Argentine Association of Pediatric ENT and Speech Therapy was set up on May, 25th 1998 in Buenos Aires City as a nonprofit organization, with the objective of performing all actions that lead to the study, progress and dissemination of the Pediatric ENT and Speech Therapy, as well as the disease prevention.

Executive Committe

President for the Congress:
Dra. Tania Sih

Dr. Leopoldo Cordero General

Dr. Hugo Rodríguez

Proposed themes

The main topics to be addressed at World Congress of Pediatrics ENT in 2019 will be:
Monoclonal Therapy ENT disease
Minimally invasive surgical techniques
Robotics in ENT surgery
Taste-Smell Exploration in the new millennium
Otorhinolaryngology in developing countries
Fetal Medicine
Foreign bodies
Rare diseases
Neonatal pathology
Voice pathology
Patient safety
Panels of international protocols: papillomas, choanal atresias, cochlear
implants, allergic rhinitis
Hearing Screening
Objective measurements
Hearing (audiologic) evaluation
Auditory neuropathy
Hearing aids
Baby equipment's protocol
Bone conduction systems - evaluation and indication
Cochlear implant
Cochlear implant calibration
Asymmetrical Hypoacusia and SSD - diagnosis and treatment
Dysgenesis treatment
Bi-modal equipment
Binaural hearing
Speech perception tests
Monitoring of the hearing impaired child
Aural rehabilitation